Monday, June 19, 2017

Hi Ladies! The Kendra Scott jewelry store at Town Center was nice enough to schedule a Kendra Gives Back event with us! MOPS will receive 20% of ALL proceeds sold Wednesday, June 28th, 5:00-7:00 pm.
Come for any part of the event if you're available. Enjoy snacks, drinks (champagne!), and mom's night out time. There's no obligation to buy. Bring friends and family if you can. Kids are also welcome.
Please like and share the Facebook event, and share the flyer on social media! The store has a sale this day — 15% off all drusy stones — so that can help drive customers in!
Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

HyVee Registered Dietitian

At Tuesday's meeting we had Amanda from HyVee come and talk to us about all things food. She discussed appropriate ways we can encourage kids to eat foods, the importance of having a healthy relationship with foods, as well many other food related topics. Below I've included the slides and her contact info.

Several moms asked Amanda questions and she encouraged them to send her an email so she could give a well researched response. You can contact her at

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kick Off Picnic

This Tuesday we will kick off an exciting new MOPS year with a picnic! MOPS will provide popsicles. Feel free to bring toys for the large sand area.

This event was the first event I attended last year. I was nervous. I was brand new to this city and had precisely 3,542 boxes to still unpack. But, I craved all those mom relationships I had just left when I moved. I knew I needed to show up even though the introvert in me was having a small panic attack about showing up to an event as a stranger. But, I loaded up the boys and we went on our way. My GPS said I arrived as it took me inside a subdivision. Driving all around thinking it was tuck away inside this subdivision. Only to find out it wasn't. I took it as a sign that this wasn't the group for me, the introvert in me was happy that I was willing to give up and head back to the boxes. Then a still small voice said don't give up. So, I pulled over and looked at the map, I'm not sure why because my map reading skills is that of a monkey! I was so flustered and just done! I turned around again, and decided to just go home. Completely ignoring that prompting to keep going.

As I was driving home, I passed the park sign with a lovely sign that read MOPS HERE! Okay, God I  get it, you really want me here. I pulled in and said a quick prayer "PLEASE LORD LET THEM BE NICE AND NORMAL....AND PLEASE DON'T LET MY  BOYS ACT A FOOL!"

We got out and immediately I was greeted by Jessi, the coordinator. Talk about a cheery disposition! Then Katie, my table leader came over and must of seen my sweat glands working overtime and started with "Welcome, I promise we aren't weird! We are all normal!" I literally laughed-out-loud. Thanks God! I get it, you wanted me here.  After some small talk I found out a mom in the group lives in my neighborhood and we both had kindergarteners at the same school! Talk about mom connections. I met another mom who was joining the group for the first time and that immediately put me at ease. This wasn't some click with country club moms. This was an inclusive group that supported moms.

Maybe you are that mom right now. New to the group and wanting connections, wanting to not feel alone in the trenches or to be able to share struggles and not feel judged. What can you expect on Tuesday?


You can expect to pull into the parking lot and see moms lost in conversations about sleepless nights, kids who refuse to eat anything but macaroni, conversations about school starting up or different preschools in the area. Moms trading crockpot recipes, sharing the latest coupon on cartwheel or what  breakfast item is free at Chick-A-Fila this week. You will see kids spread out throughout the park, some throwing epic fits, others the typical meltdown, some may be shoeless running around with saggy diapers while others are asleep on their moms chests.

If you are needing some encouragement to show up, please consider this your encouragement. From a mom who was in that place this time last year. Show up, put yourself out there, reach out. I promise what you find in return is a group of moms who want to support and encourage you!

See you Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First Day of Summer!

Even though most schools have been out for a few weeks now, today marks the official FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! Many moms from our group were able to come hang out poolside watching our children splash all around. One of the many things I love about our group- all the summer playdates!

This is our first summer in the KC area and I cannot express enough how thankful I am to have found ICC MOPS. This year I am on steering helping with web content, which includes this lovely blog. Want to hear a funny story? It is because of this blog, I decided to join this MOPS. Funny, right?....Now a year later I am writing a post in it.
My husbands job moved us here last summer and I knew that I HAD to get a mom village and if I wanted to keep myself sane, it better be FAST. So, the first thing I did was go to MOPS.ORG and type in our new zip code to find out local MOPS in the area. Listen ladies, I didn't even have a house yet! I just knew we would be in the Olathe/OP area and had my priorities straight, first find a MOPS group then a house! ;) A list of all the area MOPS popped up and I searched each one, hoping-praying-crossing my fingers that I would find one with moms like me! Moms that mess up, a lot. Moms that worry, a lot. Moms who don't want to lose their identity to snotty nose, soiled diaper kids, moms who want to feed their children all organic but also don't want to be judged for the all-too-often run through the Chick-Fil-A drive thru. Moms that I could laugh with, cry with and be in the trenches with. But how could I find this just through a MOPS search? Enter IC MOPS Blog. They had pictures of their playdates, stories of their Moms Night Outs, and I just knew this was a special group of moms.

I emailed Jessi and immediately got a response. From the beginning there was community and I will forever be thankful that the Lord led me to this group and I wasn't alone in those mothering trenches.

As I mentioned earlier, it's the official start of summer and many of us are trying to figure out ways to make it a fun summer of memories while not going insane from the increase of family time. Some of us have created fun summer bucket lists as a way to make sure we can cram in all the summer fun we can before August comes and steals our babies away from us! If you are interested in making a summer bucket list, check out this list for some KC fun summer ideas to help get you started. Here are my 3 ways to have the BEST SUMMER EVER:

1. Create a routine. Easier said than done- I know. But it really is true that kids thrive on routines. Even older kids. Summer should be fun and relaxed for our school aged kiddos but it still should have structure. Especially, structure around FOOD! Create specific times to eat and stick with them so they aren't asking to eat every five minutes.

2. Don't over extend or over commit yourself- this is something I am guilty of! I love to be on the go, go, go! But it can lead to some HUGE frustrations. I am learning it's okay to not show up to a group play date that you RSVP'd to if it means it's the best yes for your family. It's okay to be home and not leave for a day. It's okay not to be involved in everything in order to be fully committed to the things you do say yes to.

3. In a world filled with Pinterest Perfection we need to remember what WE loved about summer. Bike rides, catching lightening bugs and coloring on the sidewalk with chalk. I love me a good Pinterest project but don't believe for a second that our lack of perfection or creativity affects our child's summer.

And to remember every day that this is just a phase. A phase that will pass by so fast and one we will never get back. Cherish those babies and these memories! What's your favorite summer memory? Comment below!